Charles-Simon was born in 1679 in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade to Jean Ricard and Madeleine Pineau. He was their second son.

He and his elder brother Jean (1676-?) worked as a “coureurs des bois” for a time. Coureurs des bois, or wood runners, were originally men who engaged in the fur trade (mostly beaver pelts) without permission from the authorities. But after 1681, and thus while the brothers were plying this trade, the authorities started to legitimize and control the trade by issuing permits. These legal coureurs des bois were known as “voyageurs”. They were hired on contract, usually for 3 years, and would travel by canoe to trade goods for fur. It was a hard life: they carried heavy loads, worked long hours and rowed long distances over difficult waters but it was and remains a romanticized profession, much like the cowboys in the American west. Many young unmarried men worked as voyageurs to save up money to settle down; this was probably the case for Jean and Charles-Simon. You can read more about the voyageurs here.

Both brother eventually returned to Sainte-Anne to work the land as their father had before them.

Charles-Simon married Marguerite Richer on March 7th 1709; she was 12 years his junior and the daughter of colonists from Quebec. They had 10 children : Louise (1710-?), Pierre-Charles (1712-1788), Marie-Therese (1715-1718), Charles (1717-?),  Francois (1720-?), Marie-Anne (1723-?), Michel (1727-1795), Joseph (1729-1733), Jean Baptiste (1731-1733) and Jean Baptiste (1733-?).

On October 25th 1749, he gave his son Michel (my ancestor) land in Saint-Anne in the seigneurie of D’Orvilliers measuring 1.5 by 40 acres. Another plot of land was reserved for the use of his other children.

He died on the 21st of December 1750 at the age of 71. Like his father, his cause of death is unrecorded and again it can be attributed to old age. Although the fact that he passed on his lands a year before suggests that he may have known that he did not have much longer to live. His wife lived 11 more years.

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  1. Charles-Simon Ricard (1679-1750) m. Marguerite Richer (1691-1761)
  2. Michel Ricard (1727-1795) m. Françoise Boisvert (1732-1803)
  3. François Ricard (1764-1831) m. Marie Ursule Baril dite Ducheny (1761-1838)
  4. André Ricard (1803-1876) m. Euphrosine Vaillancourt (1798- ?)
  5. Uldéric-Israel Ricard (1834-1915) m. Delphine Héroux (1836- ?)
  6. Gédéon Ricard (1858-1926) m. Marie Grenier (1860-1900)
  7. Ulric Ricard (1896-1988) m. Maria Chainé (1896-1947)

(note: the most recent three generations have been omitted for the sake of privacy.)