Early Life

Anne was born in La Rochelle, France in 1632 to Pierre Boyer and Catherine Vinet (1589-1664). She was baptized on December 2nd of the same year.

She had one younger sister, Marie (1645-1665).

Something must have happened to their family because both sisters moved to New France to marry. Perhaps their father passed away (I can find no record of his birth or death dates), perhaps they had debts, but whatever the reason, they probably could not afford the dowry necessary to marry a man of their station in France (their father, Pierre, apparently belonged to the bourgeoisie).

Filles à Marrier

Anne and Marie were what are known as “filles à marrier”. Before the French government started sending over filles du roi, the Company recruited marriageable young girls to start families with the many single men. About 262 of such girls were sent over between 1634 and 1663. They would sign a marriage contract and then be given a dowry and passage to New France. They could, upon arrival and meeting their intended, refuse to marry and be sent back to France. The Boyer sisters must have been relatively satisfied with their matches. Both honoured their contracts and settled down. (Find out more about the filles à marrier here.)

Anne was contracted at La Rochelle on April 10th 1657 by François Perron. She left LaRochelle eight days later aboard the ship Le Taureau and arrived in Quebec on the 22nd of June 1657. She was contracted to work as a servant in the household of the governor, Pierre Boucher in Trois-Rivières.

On May 14th 1658, Anne married Pierre Pineau dit Laperle (1625-1708) the son of Pascal Pineau and Jeanne Marteau at Trois-Rivières.

They had 11 children: Jeanne (1659-?), Madeleine (1660-1734), Michel (1662-1712), Pierre (1664-1708), Louise (1665-1749), Joseph (1667-?), Marie (1669-?), Thomas (1671-1748), René (1675-?), Mathurin (1676-?) and Jean (1685-?).

Her sister was not as lucky. Marie arrived a few years later, perhaps hearing about Anne’s successful marriage. She married Jean Bellet dit Lachaussé on January 30, 1663. She died only two years later, childless (perhaps in childbirth, it was a common cause of death in the colonies).

Life in New France

Like many of the early settlers, Pierre worked as a farmer on the lands granted him by a seigneur.

It seems that in 1662 one of Anne’s girls, Jeanne or Madeleine (my ancester), was sick. I have found a record of a testimony that she made (in Pistard). She claims to have requested medicine 4 times and been refused (the phrasing of the document is unclear but I believe she was asking the seigneur, Pinard). She went instead to see the seigneur Gamelin, who applied the necessary medicines to the girl. Pinard and Gamelin were both surgeons who seemed to have a history of disagreements about patients. This testimony also reveals that Anne was illiterate as she signed with a mark.

During the census in 1666, they lived in Trois-Rivières and had one servant by the name of Jacques Chever. But by 1667 they had moved to Cap-de-la-Madeleine where they owned 15 acres of land. In April 1670, Pierre sold this land to René Besnard.

On January 17th 1669, Pierre was granted lands in Sainte-Anne by the seigneur Michel Gamelin (the same man cited in Anne’s testimony 7 years earlier). By 1681, they lived in Saint-Anne on 7 acres of land with 6 of their children (Michel, Joseph, Marie, Thomas, René and Mathurin). Pierre owned a gun and 7 horned beasts. They no longer had a servant, perhaps because they had enough children to help with the work.

One of their daughters, Louise, became a nun in the Notre-Dame Congregation. Most of the others married and went on to have children of their own.

Anne died on December 9th 1704 in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade. She was 72 years old. Her husband died two years later.

My link to Anne Boyer

  1. Anne Boyer (1632-1704) m. Pierre Pineau (1625-1708)
  2. Jean Ricard (1647-1726) m. Madeleine Pineau (1660-1734)
  3. Charles-Simon Ricard (1679-1750) m. Marguerite Richer (1691-1761)
  4. Michel Ricard (1727-1795) m. Françoise Boisvert (1732-1803)
  5. François Ricard (1764-1831) m. Marie Ursule Baril dite Ducheny (1761-1838)
  6. André Ricard (1803-1876) m. Euphrosine Vaillancourt (1798- ?)
  7. Uldéric-Israel Ricard (1834-1915) m. Delphine Héroux (1836- ?)
  8. Gédéon Ricard (1858-1926) m. Marie Grenier (1860-1900)
  9. Ulric Ricard (1896-1988) m. Maria Chainé (1896-1947)

(note: the most recent three generations have been omitted for the sake of privacy.)